Was the deal between Apple and U2 a clever marketing ploy?

U2’s new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’, automatically popped up in the iTunes libraries of 500 million users. If we analyze the given information we have and consider the backlash of this act – safe to say it worked out well for the band.

Why choose U2?

Given that the band is irrelevant compared to modern artists such as Ariana Grande, why was this band chosen to support the release of new Apple products? (iPhone 6 and the Apple watch)

Although the band may lack relevancy in today’s music industry, it carried a huge presence in the earlier days. The band’s well-established credit and “celebrity power” were key factors in this deal.

According to a New York Times article, U2 and Apple have a history! That too, going back to at least a decade when Apple introduced a U2-themed iPod. (This is ridiculous, really) In brokering this deal though, this association definitely saves Apple time and money in forming new relationships.

Does the music still hold the same level of value?

By this question, I mean does the idea of a music album being sold for free take away from the value of the music? After all, people do equate price with quality. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you purchase an item – a feeling of glory.

Why did Apple buy the U2 album?

Honestly, I believe Apple probably thought it was the best deal it could get. There is absolutely no connection between U2 and the new products, but U2 brings “celebrity power” and keeps Apple relevant to the music industry.

To defend Apple, buying the album of a well-renowned band for 100 million dollars and distributing it to 500 million users does sound like a sweet deal. However, U2 may have received the only ‘win’ in this deal.

Is Apple breaching our privacy?

My mother always says to me: “Monique, nothing is private on the internet. Once it’s on there, it stays there forever.” The Internet is an arena. If you don’t play well in it, you will lose. Keeping this in mind, I have always been cautious when posting content. However, I lived in this illusion that I have complete control over my iPhone, now realizing that I have none.

Placing something directly into a consumer’s account warrants a concern for privacy. The Cloud software provides Apple with access to all personal information and frankly, that is terrifying. I suddenly imagine a world with Big Brother, no joke.

How is social media reacting to this?

People are furious. Furious could even be an understatement. People are outraged that iTunes has the audacity to suggest the genre of music they should be listening to. It doesn’t stop there though.

According to a tweet, U2 has always been “cheap, annoying, and awful”.

Another tweet says, “How do I delete all of these brutal #U2 songs?”

How did iTunes react?

Due to all the negative social media reaction, Apple has had to provide a tool to remove the free album from customers’ accounts. (That’s embarrassing)

All in all, the light doesn’t seem to be shining so brightly on Apple. Nevertheless, Apple has loyal customers and it is unlikely that it will be negatively impacted from this deal.

Meanwhile, U2 should enjoy the scandal while it lasts, it may do the band some good.

Go to bed now,



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