PM Narendra Modi – the Marketing Icon for India

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is a very clever man.

Traveling around the United States, Modi is taking advantage of his position in the spotlight and delivering speeches on a global platform to market India.

The question is: How is he marketing India?

He uses his personal history to connect with the common man.

Imagine a man standing on the sides of the streets of India, selling masala chai (Indian tea). Imagine him standing behind his stall, unnoticeable to many. Imagine him standing there in the sweltering heat of the July summer, and during the unstoppable rains in August. Imagine him standing behind that very same stall, every day, for many, many years. Now, imagine him standing in front of 18,000 Indian-Americans in Madison Square Garden. Now, this man has become the Prime Minister of India. More than that, he has become a symbol of India.


Ask yourself, do you have hope now?

Words are meaningful only when supported by actions.

Modi’s actions demonstrates his positive governance in India since his election in May this year.

  • “Clean India” project: Cleans the Ganges River for both religious and climactic reasons.
  • Constructing toilets around the country.
  • Removing obsolete laws.
  • PIO (Person of Indian Origins) card holders to have life-long visas (This is directed towards Indian-Americans).
  • American citizens to get visa upon arrival. These tactics all demonstrate the steps he is taking to making India’s future brighter. Moreover, offering American citizens a visa upon arrival is a smart tactic to increasing tourism.

The substance in his message

Modi simply states the advantages: what are India’s strengths?

Many around the world are unaware of what happens behind those doors. Modi is giving us a sneak peek of what the future prospects of India look like.

  • India has the oldest and largest democracy. (Whether rich or poor, anyone over the age of 18 can vote. Modi’s ability to connect to the common man strengthens his image).
  • We offer youth – 65% of Indians are under the age of 35. (In 2020, India will be providing the workforce).
  • Demand – “The whole world is looking at India”, he says. (The economy keeps on booming).

His message, his actions and his history are all the ingredients he used to deliver his marketing message. The bonus was the 18,000 Indian-Americans that were crying out “Modi! Modi! Modi!” showing the power and influence he has over India.

We all know that a leader needs his followers, and it seems that Modi has definitely gathered his followers.

Go to bed now,



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