A Bold Move by Airbnb

Today, Airbnb announced the release of its print magazine, “Pineapple”, which will hone in on the local peoples and community while traveling. (A bold move, I might add)

The new, glossy magazine will be distributing 18,000 copies to Airbnb hosts… for free. Let’s not stop there, ladies and gents; this 128-page magazine has no advertisements. Let me repeat, no advertisements.

This needs to be italicized and underlined because in this digital world, everything seems to be swallowed up in mobile phones, iPads and advertisements. (It is a billion dollar industry for a reason). Each issue will focus specifically on three cities with London, Seoul and San Francisco to be featured in the Winter 2014 issue. Pineapple Example 1 Example 2

Let’s take the time to analyze all of the tactics by Airbnb to market itself as one of the world’s largest story-doing platform.

What is its mission?

In a few words, Airbnb is all about bringing people together. It’s beyond the mere tourist attractions. In fact, it’s in the substance of relationships, connections and the community you are surrounded by when you are traveling and exploring a new city.

What is the objective of the magazine?

According to the Business Insider, Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall announced the magazine “will combine the emotional and practical sides of traveling by giving a comprehensive guide to neighborhoods and cities, as well as capturing the sense of belonging that comes from a memorable trip.” The magazine will cover a myriad of subjects such as travel, art, culture, food (the most important of all, let’s be honest) in the form of photo essays and profiles. But, we come back around to asking, why a magazine? You could easily showcase this information on its website. Andrew Schapiro, the head of brand creative at Airbnb, clears this question up: “The realization is the majority of experience [after booking online] is offline in people’s homes or neighborhoods around the world. So it was a natural transition to tell stories in a printed format. We see the magazine living in people’s homes on their coffee table.”


What else has Airbnb done to market themselves successfully?

I’ve noticed that every action and step it takes towards success is always in making its mission brighter than ever.

  • Their main office in San Francisco is large enough to plan host events. It’s all about bringing people together after all.
  • The most recent advertisement, “Wall and Chain”, tells a story of belonging. (It’s a very cute story of a daughter bringing her father back to Berlin for the first time since the wall had fallen.) A reminder of the “power of hospitality and resilience of the human spirit,” said Airbnb on a website.

CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, emphasizes the power of a having a mission and sticking by it for long term survival.

Go to bed now,



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